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Purushottam jewellers are one of the oldest and most reputed Jewellers in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Its a legacy of over three generations ts built on trust, excellence and a
warm relationship with the customers and the society. In 1946, Mr Purushottam Dharmsi Lodhiya came to chandrapur from tinmas (gujarat) and opened a jewellery shop.

In 1952, his son and our founder Mr Devidasbhal Lodhrya joined business and opened a showroom by name ‘Purushottam Dharmsi & Sons’.

Apart from purity and transparency, we are known for our excellence in craftsmanship. Our Focus on innovation and on changing with the times has kept us at the forefront of Jewellery retail in Chandrapur.


Purushottam jewellers guarantees 100% purity as It offers only Hallmarked Gold, Silver, Diamond,and Precious Stones. Thereby customers are ane of complete purity and quality of jewellery.

We offer the most competitive pricing with complete transparency on every single element of the pricing structure. In case a customer has a specific design in mind, they can also avail of our customized jewellery making services.

Purushootam jewellers is legendary for its exclusive array of Designer Jewellery which includes premium collections of Gold, Silver, and Diamond Jewellery.

We firmly believe that honesty and workmanship of the highest caliber have been our guiding principles such that feminine gender thrives on the irresistible beauty of designer wear in Jewellery.

Our History

Mr. Devidasbhai Lodhiya was the first one to introduce an electronic weighing scale which made his showroom to grant perfect weight and purity. In 1994, a new shop by the name ‘Purushottam Dharmsi Lodhiya’ was opened in the municipal shopping complex.

Rebranding of ‘Purushottam Dharmsi Lodhiya & Sons’ was done to ‘Shrinath Jewellers’ in 2011.

Now, another mile stone has been achieved by him by the grand opening of his brand new showroom ‘Purushottam Jewellers’ (2019)

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